Duo/Trio Montagne


Duo / Trio Montagne are so called cos the form of their repertoire is a mountain of stand-out melodies with lyrics that usually match. The sound rises above plain stuff and sticks. Montagne gets mispronounced a lot (it rhymes with lasagne) but that's ok.

Gillian is the singer and David is the guitarist and harmonica player. Sometimes we play as a trio with another musician.

We go practically anywhere in and around Adelaide to play for listening pleasure - smart places such as the Art Gallery, Convention Centre, cinemas, restaurants, wedding halls, or less salubrious or even scruffy spots like markets, private gardens, aged care facilities and cafes.

Our collected repertoire has a few originals but consists mainly of well known or what we deem to be neglected jazz and stage-show gems, worthwhile vintage pop and stirring works by favoured folk heroes. Oui, si and jawohl, in the songbook too is a significant stack in various European languages, mainly French and Italian.

Duo / Trio Montagne’s booking rates range from fair to affordable to gratis, depending on your pocket and raison d’être. Hope to woo you soon.


Gillian’s training was in theatre and dance and the passion endures. So, thus far we've notched up three scripted cabaret shows - to wholesale acclaim! Sometimes there's nothing as entertainingly satisfying as a full production of integrated songs enhancing a good story. The most recent was a reprise of our 2012 show 'Fools Rush In' as a fundraiser.

Cabaret Fringe 2011
MOONSTRUCK – a Musical Lunar Musing in which the Principal Player is the Satellite of Love. Moonstruck flier
Cabaret Fringe 2012
FOOLS RUSH IN – Love Gained and Lost en Route Through Latin Lands Fools rush in flier

Cabaret Fringe 2014
LA CHANSON – a Century of French Song. La Chanson flier

Fringe Festival 2016
LA CHANSON – Reprisal of the earlier show. La Chanson flier

Fesival Fleurieu 2019
Under the Moon - A reprisal of Moonstruck. Under the Moon flier